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 Hunter's Board- Field Bosses

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PostSubject: Hunter's Board- Field Bosses   Hunter's Board- Field Bosses I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 15, 2011 9:22 am

As you know field boss kills aren't recorded in-game.

So here it is, all you hunters out there! This is a List accounting all (or almost all) of the field bosses that are to be and have been slain.

If possible, a hunting party should consist of only Divinity guild members. For Great Field Bosses, a kill will be counted if there is a good number of Guild members present.

When you report a kill; say the name of the boss, area, date and party members if possible. Hunting begin now! so good luck and good hunting!


Tir Chonaill:

Giant White Wolf [x]
Giant Black Wolf [x]

Dugald Isle:

Giant Bear [x]
Black Warrior [x]

Goblin Bandits [x]
Black Racoon Family [x]

Gairech Hills:

Black Wizard: [ ]
Giant Ogre [ ]

Osna Snail

Brown bear(mini) [x]
Sheep wolf [x]

Sen Mag Plateau:

White grizzly bear [ ]

Ceo Island:

Black Golem [x]



Maiz Praerie:

Gold-tailed Mongoose [ ]
Giant big-horned Gnu [ ]
Giant Small-horned Gnu [ ]
Small-eared Aardvark [ ]
Young Small-eared Aardvark [ ]

[b]Kaypi Canyon:

Gold Kiwi [ ]

Muyu Desert:

Head Hyena [ ]
Wolf-Striped Desert Spider [ ]

Karu desert:

Giant Gold Forest Mushroom Spider [ ]
White Bush Boar [ ]
Gold Forest Lizard [ ]
Green Kiwi [ ]



Arc Lich [ ]


Black Leopard [x]

Great Field Bosses:

Praerie Dragon [ ](Rano)
Desert Dragon [ ](Rano)
Red Dragon [ ](Raspa Volcano)
Giant Sandworm [ ](Rano)
Giant Alligator [ ](Iria Falls, Courcle)
Giant Lion [x](Courcle)
Ifrit [ ](Longa Desert or Ant hell)
Yeti [ ](Physis)
Mammoth [ ](Physis)
Neid [ ](Abb Neagh)
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Hunter's Board- Field Bosses
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