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 Moneymaking Guide for newbies and semi pros.

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Moneymaking Guide for newbies and semi pros. Empty
PostSubject: Moneymaking Guide for newbies and semi pros.   Moneymaking Guide for newbies and semi pros. I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2011 10:51 am

First thing, don't be lazy and beg in Tir for quantities like 1k ~4k, unless people are really charitable they won't give you anything, especially to someone going 'plz plz plz plz plz'. :<

Moneymaking is easier than you think, even if you think you're weak, there are ways that don't involve monster hunting.

Easiest and fast way is to do the church PTJ and get 4 HW, you can sell it for 1~2k each and people always want to buy.
If you do the Qilla one fast it's possible to warp to Dunby and do Kristell's one too for a max of 8 HW per game day.

Collecting herbs is simple and a great way to make money, check the price guide for current herb prices.

Rewards for dungeons increase with the difficulty, and item rewards and enchants can be sold.
If you think you're weak then go in a party, you still get the reward chest at the end.

Formor scroll collecting
This is one of my preferred methods, especially when I'm too poor for a farm.
Collect any formor scrolls you find from monsters, once you have 10 you can buy a collection quest from Duncan, Eavan and other similar NPCs to get gold and exp rewards.

For example, the reward for collecting 10 Mimic scrolls is 6000g.

Once you have 30k or more, you can lease a farm in Taillteann, this requires you to spend time doing farm actions like watering, fertilizing and picking off pests.
There is a cooldown period for performing these actions so if you have multiple characters you can use one to farm and do quests and other stuff while you wait for the next time you can do a farming action.

Farms give at least 150~300k, sometimes more if it's a more difficult crop to grow, I recommend tomatoes to beginners because they're easy to take care of.

Use this tool to find out the recommended farm action to perform.

Leather, Fabrics and Ores
You can collect leather to sell at decent prices per stack, fabric is also a good seller, ores can be mined from Barri dungeon or in certain parts of the connous underground, requires a pickaxe, ore fragments can be collected with the metallurgy skill from beaches, requires a sieve, I recommend this because you also have a chance of getting jewels.

Have fun making money. :3
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Moneymaking Guide for newbies and semi pros.
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